Parking Permit Refund

You must submit the following documentation to TAPS before a parking permit refund will be issued:

  • Valid photo identification (driver's license or CatCard)
  • Parking permit
  • Receipt of original purchase (may be reprinted by TAPS if needed)
  • Completed parking permit Refund Form

Parking permit refunds will be paid by check; refund processing takes four to six weeks. Please be certain that a valid mailing address is listed on the Refund Form.


If you do not submit all required paperwork, the processing of your refund will be delayed. If you do not submit your parking permit and your documentation, your refund will not be processed. Your refund amount will be calculated based on the date your permit is returned to TAPS.

Please Note:  Refunds will not be offered for spring semester permits.

Parking Permit Refund Form

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