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Q: Can I rely on CatTracks to provide safe transportation to and from classes?

A: Yes. Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) has worked closely with our local transit authority and the county bus system to follow strict guidelines provided by local, state and national health mandates for public transportation.

Q: What measures have been taken to assure my safety while riding on CatTracks? 

A: TAPS, in collaboration with our transit partners, have implemented several measures as mandated to be able to operate. Appropriate physical distancing is enforced throughout bus seating. An isolated driver cabin, deep sanitation processes and no standees allow for additional safety on our buses. High touch areas are cleaned 3 times daily and pre/post shift full bus disinfecting is performed daily.    

Q: Am I required to wear face coverings while riding CatTracks? 

A: Yes. To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, face coverings are required to be worn by drivers and passengers at all times while riding CatTracks. 

Q: Are there any COVID-19 requirements while riding the county bus system? 

A: Yes. While riding on any county bus route, including the exclusive "Route UC" to UC Merced, face coverings are mandatory at all times while riding the bus. Additional information can be on their website, and specific regulations for passengers can be found here

Q: I need to purchase a parking permit. Do I need to visit the TAPS office to accomplish this? What are my options for purchasing a permit?

A: In an effort to support physical distancing, and for your safe and reliable convenience, TAPS has limited in-person lobby transactions. If for any reason it is necessary to visit our office, it would be accomplished through a scheduled appointment. Parking permits, depending upon your affiliation, may be purchased through our mobile app or through our UC Merced TAPS Parking Portal. Additional information about eligibility can be found on our website

Q: I am student attending fall semester, and I would like to know more about my parking options. Can I park on campus? 

A: To review eligibility to park at UC Merced, please visit our TAPS homepage and click on "Students" under the Permits option. You can also email our friendly TAPS front office staff.

Q: Will TAPS be responding to COVID-19 guidelines by offering contactless permit purchase options?  

A: TAPS has worked diligently in response to COVID-19, and in doing so, continue to offer WayToPark, a mobile application to purchase hourly and daily parking. More information can be found on our website