Traffic Updates


Mckee Road @ Kimberly Avenue will be reduced to one lane for both north and south bound traffic for utility construction. 
There will be flaggers to direct north and south bound traffic, and to help direct traffic coming from Kimberly Avenue.

05/23/19- 05/24/19

  • CVIN performing fiber optic cable work at the Intersection of M Street & Yosemite Avenue
    North bound M Street will be reduced roughly 500 ft before and after the intersection (all turns still accessible)
  • W. Yosemite Avenue west bound traffic reduced to one lane between Steamboat Drive and Stadium Lane (all turns accessible)


Overnight closures scheduled with rotating lane closures for Taylor Backhoe/MID circuit utility work.
What’s to be expected:

  • The intersection of G st and W Olive Ave, all lanes will be reduced to one lane for each direction of traffic with no left turns at this intersection various times of the night
  • G st north and south bound will be shifted to one lane of traffic, closing right turns onto olive in both  directions
  • East and west bound traffic on olive will be reduced to one lane with no right turns at the G st intersection.

Crosswalks will be closed. There is no definitive order of what traffic control will be in place at each time since the traffic control will be rotated often depending on what phase they complete in the morning.

See map provided below for commercial truck/transports to use as alternate routes: