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Division of Finance and Administration

TAPS Parking Updates and Reminders

April 15, 2021

UC Merced’s Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) continues to welcome those coming to campus and is looking forward to assisting more of our community in person as part of the University’s phased return to on-site work starting July 1. TAPS is updating its services as additional people come to campus, and we want to make sure everyone is staying safe and is up to date on the latest information.

Paid parking operations resumed on September 1, 2020 and continue to remain in effect.

Employees currently coming to campus or are planning to return to campus prior to July 1 are asked to contact TAPS to ensure they have the correct parking permissions. Please contact TAPS at or (209) 228-8277 to ensure you have the proper parking permissions. TAPS is actively enforcing parking regulations on campus.

TAPS will place informational signage in parking lots and will issue courtesy notification reminders to those vehicles without paid parking permissions. Please follow all parking instructions and reminders to avoid being cited.

TAPS will not reinstate a parking payroll deduction unless an employee requests reinstatement of a payroll deduction. More information on parking is available on the TAPS website.

In late Spring semester, TAPS will contact customers on extended telework agreements and not returning to campus until July 1, 2021 to coordinate parking permissions.

For those visiting campus for health screenings, please follow posted signs to the correct destination. Additional information on health screenings is available on UC Merced’s Do Your Part website.

TAPS and the UC Merced Office of Sustainability will distribute a mobility/commuting survey to campus beginning April 28 and encourages everyone to participate. Your input is critical to enhancing transportation and parking services at UC Merced.

Thank you for being part of the UC Merced campus community. Please contact TAPS at or (209) 228-8277 with questions.