At Transportation and Parking Services, it is our continued goal to provide you, our customer, more than just a parking permit or vehicle rental - but an experience.  We feel customer service should be at the core of everything we do every day.

But don't just take our word for it...


"I have interacted with TAPS on a weekly basis since I began working here at UC Merced, and I have not had anything but a helpful and friendly experience. Whether it be via email, phone, or face-to-face, the employees at TAPS are always anxious and eager to help, even at the busiest of times. With our constant campus growth, events, requests, and tight budgets for parking, I know it cannot be an easy task to be continually gracious and thorough – but TAPS manages to pull it off! The customer service they deliver means the world when our faculty, students, visitors, and fellow staff, depend on it.
Thank you TAPS! Your consistent willingness to assist - in the face of a high volume of demands and requests - is not overlooked!"


Hannah Ewing
Receptionist, Dean's Office
School of Engineering

Transportation and Parking Services Supervisor:
My name is Mike Pillon and I am a prospective graduate student that visited the UC Merced campus last week. The 2 ladies that were on duty during my visit in the Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) office were extremely helpful and patient. They not only helped me with my temporary parking permit but also helped answer a myriad of questions that I had about several different departments. They even helped me locate the appropriate offices on my campus map. I wanted to pass on what an excellent job they did - Thank you".
Mike Pillon
Prospective Graduate Student
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science