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Faculty and Staff

Virtual parking permit purchases are on a first come, first served basis; this means certain virtual parking permits may not be available at any given time. Waiting lists are maintained by the TAPS office.

Graduate Students are eligible for Faculty/Staff paid parking via monthly payroll deductions if applicable. Graduate Students on Fellowships are required to come to the Parking Office to pay the permit rate in full or by the semester.

Click on the permit Type/Color to view parking locations on the campus map. To purchase a virtual parking permit you may visit My UC Merced Parking Portal or the Transportation and Parking Services office.

Effective July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020



Date Available

Cost Per Month

Gold Library Lot 2, Le Grand Lots and Slate, Blue & Green Wait List $74
Slate Solar Covered: North Bowl, Blue & Green Continuous $50
Blue P3, Scholars & ECEC Lots & Green Continuous $38
Green Bellevue Lot Continuous $38
Motorcycle All Motorcycle spaces Continuous $30


Carpool Permits - 2 or more people driving at least 3 days/week.  Gold, Slate, and Blue lots are available for carpool permits.  Only available for purchase at the Parking Office.  All parties must be present in order to pick up a permit.

Want to recruit new carpool members? Click here to use the free online Ridematching Services.

Accessible Parking - Only available for purchase at the Parking Office

Faculty and Staff using a DMV-issued Disabled Persons (DP) placard or similar distinguishing license plate must also purchase some form of paid parking when parking in a Disabled Parking space on campus.  Parking without a valid UC Merced virtual permit in accessible spaces, even with a Disabled Persons (DP) placard, is a ticketable offense for UC Merced affiliates and visitors. Disabled Persons (DP) placards are not valid in reserved parking spaces.

Type Description Date
Cost Per
Accessible Parking All Zones Continuous $38


Short-Term Medical Parking

Available for short-term medical need of accessible parking. A doctor’s note containing a specific start and end date is required.  Faculty and staff must also purchase some form of paid parking to be eligbile for Medical parking. Medical parking is valid in any non-specially marked space in any lot.  Parking is not authorized in ADA spaces.

Castle Parking Permits

Parking permits are not currently enforced at our off-site Castle facility. If you use alternative transportation from Castle to campus, we encourage you to purchase a Blue virtual parking permit.

University Business Parking Permit

Available for parking in reserved University Business spaces.  If all reserved spaces are taken, non-specially marked spaces may be utilized.  Each UC Merced department can purchase a maximum of five University Business permits, with the department head or dean approval.

These permits are for off-site departmental use for visitors and/or staff required to attend University meetings and/or training on campus.

University Business Permits that are reported lost or stolen to TAPS will be noted and reported to Parking Enforcement. Persons in possession of a reported lost or stolen Business Permits will be cited for violation of the California Penal Code 488 or 496 (Petty Theft or Receiving and/or Possession of Lost/Stolen Properties). The University Business permit will not be replaced but must be purchased at the full amount face value of the permit purchased.

Type Description Date
Cost Per
University Business Permit All Zones Continuous $74