Master Lease Off Campus Parking Residents

Coming Soon - 2018 Heritage Fall Permits

UC Merced is partnering with Heritage Management to provide new opportunities for upper-class and transfer housing students.  Students living in the Heritage Apartments who have personal vehicles please read below for parking details. 

What parking will be available at the apartment locations?

There is one parking space per apartment and Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) will work with Housing & Residence Life (HRL) to develop a process for students to be assigned a Heritage parking permit.  UCM Heritage Resident Students will NOT be allowed to purchase a campus student commuter parking permit, however, they can apply for a UCM Heritage carpool permit.    Students without parking permits will be restricted from parking on campus Monday through Friday 7am - 6pm.

Heritage Resident Students

All students living at the Heritage Apartments will be required to register their vehicles with TAPS.  Heritage students will NOT be allowed to purchase a campus student commuter parking permit or a kiosk permit, however, they can purchase a UCM Heritage carpool permit.  TAPS will be allocating dedicated carpool spaces in Bellevue Lot for Heritage Residents.  These permits will be on a first come first served basis.  The number of spaces will be determined based upon demand and lot availability.  Heritage Carpool Applications are now available.

Validity Dates


PNR Heritage Residents
(parking at Heritage apartment location)
TBD 8/14/17 - 5/11/18

No Cost

HCP Heritage Carpool (2+ students driving 3 days/week) TBD 8/14/17 - 5/11/18

$504.00 (Academic Year)

*All carpooling students must be present and have class and/or work schedules when picking up their "HCP" permit from TAPS

For all other Off Campus Resident Housing questions, please visit the Housing website.