Bus Ridership Policies

Bus Ridership Policies

UC Merced's CatTracks is a service for persons affiliated with UC Merced, including students, faculty, and staff. The greater Merced community may also ride CatTracks buses for a nominal fare. Please refer to the bus policies below to find out how to ride the bus:


Have your valid/legible CatCard ready to present to the bus driver when boarding the bus. The bus driver has the right to request a rider pay fare amount if CatCard is faded and/or unreadable. 

The UC Merced Shuttle "Route UC"

All students pay a mandatory transit fee within their tuition, which offers access to "The Bus" with a valid CatCard at no additional charge. Students must be actively enrolled in the current term. Terms are classified by fall, spring, and summer. Please contact TAPS for more information.  Faculty and staff must pay the daily fare of $1.50. More information regarding Route UC can be found here.

Closed Door Policy

Drivers will not wait. Due to the strict schedules of the bus stops, drivers are not to delay for unnecessary reasons. Once the bus doors are closed, the driver's focus is on safe departure from the stops by looking for oncoming traffic, not for additional riders. Drivers will not purposefully leave someone who is running towards the bus. However, for safety reasons, once the bus is in "gear," drivers will not stop.

Standing Policy

Standing is permitted only when seats are not available. If there are no seats available, please hold the provided handrails for your safety.


TAPS is excited to announce we have a new fleet of buses for CatTracks! As part of this transition, bicycle racks have not yet been installed. For the safety of you and other riders, bicycles are not allowed at this time. Please keep your ride at home until further notice. We appreciate your understanding. 


Due to safety and space constraints on our buses, longboards must remain at your seat and in your possession. 

Powered Bicycles & Scooters

Our buses are not equipped to accommodate powered bicycles or scooters. This impacts both the safety and comfort of our riders. 

Audio and Video Surveillance

Passengers may be subject to audio and video surveillance. Video footage only retained for 24 hours. Report any concerns or incidents immediately.

Food and Drinks

Food and beverages are permitted on CatTracks. Trash is collected on each bus. Please do your part and dispose of it properly. If there is a spill or mess, please notify the bus driver to reduce the chance of someone getting injured due to a slippery floor.

Lost and Found

Items may be found at the UC Merced Department of Public Safety. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Phone (209) 228-8273.


Pets are not permitted on CatTracks. Please note any rider who brings a pet on to a CatTracks bus will be asked to disembark at the next stop.


For a safe and enjoyable ride, respect your fellow passengers and the drivers.

Driver Breaks

While the bus driver is on break, all passengers will be asked to exit the bus as the driver will need to close the doors to prevent any safety hazards while away.

CatTracks Children Fare Policy

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Children Riding with UC Merced Faculty, Staff of Students

Age Group Rate
2 and Under No Charge
3 - 12 No Charge
13 and Up $2 per ride (Regular Fare)

Children Riding with Adult(s) NOT Affiliated with UC Merced

Age Group Rate
2 and Under No Charge
3 - 12 $1 per ride (Reduced Fare)
13 and Up $2 per ride (Regular Fare)