Purchase Your Parking Permit

Faculty and staff can purchase parking permits using the form below.

Parking permit purchases are on a first come first served basis; this means certain parking permits may or may not be available at any given time. Purchasing a parking permit permit does not guarantee space availability.

Use My UC Merced Parking Portal to reserve the following permits:

  • A - Preferred
  • B - Commuter (North Campus)
  • ACP - Preferred Carpool*
  • BCP - Commuter Carpool*
  • C - Commuter (South Campus Lots)

Graduate Students

Graduate Students are eligible for Faculty/Staff paid parking via monthly payroll deductions if applicable. Graduate Students on Fellowships are required to come to the Parking Office to pay the permit rate in full for the entire validity period.

*Carpool permits may be purchased online; however all parties must be present in order to pick up your permit.



Any comments or questions e-mail taps@ucmerced.edu