Student Permits

2017 Student Parking Permit Rates

TAPS's mission is to protect the parking spaces of those who pay for and properly display a valid parking permit to ensure a safe and user-friendly environment is maintained on campus. Parking citations will be issued to those who do not abide by UC Merced's parking regulations.

Student Spring semester parking permits are now available for current fall parking permit holders.  To be eligible to purchase a campus parking permit (sticker, temporary or kiosk) students must be a sophomore, junior or senior status (30 or more units). All other students will be placed on a waiting list, permits will be released as space is available.

Parking permit purchases are on a first come, first served basis; this means certain parking permits may or may not be available at any given time. Purchasing a parking permit does not guarantee space availability.

Students with 30 units or more are welcome to purchase hourly permits for temporary parking only in Lake Lot 2 and Evolution Valley Lot. Students may not park in Library Lot, Library Lot 2, Le Grand, or North Bowl Lots. See Visitor Permits. You may also purchase weekly parking permits at the TAPS office.

Any changes and/or additions to the vehicle information listed on your permit application (i.e. license plate number) must be immediately reported to Transportation & Parking Services, either in person or via e-mail.

The parking permit holder must be present in order for TAPS to release any parking permit(s). Prior arrangements may be accepted, please call the TAPS Helpdesk at (209) 228-8277 or toll free (866) 755-8277 for more information.

Resident Housing Permit Information

Housing permit applications will be available beginning 11/15/2016. This includes the Freshman Exception and Continuing/New Transfer, applications.  Applications must be submitted by Tuesday, January 17, 2017. Purchasing a kiosk permit does not authorize on campus parking during enforcement hours.

Freshman Residents

Incoming freshmen Housing residents are not eligible for parking. However, a limited number of spaces have been allotted to accommodate freshman residents who require frequent access to a vehicle. You may apply for a "Fall H" Housing permit if you meet one of the exception criteria.  Residents will be parking at Merced College, there will be no on campus parking for the spring semester. Purchasing a kiosk permit does not authorize on campus parking during enforcement hours.

Click on the permit "Type" to view parking locations on the campus map.

Validity Dates

Cost For
Spring Semester

SPRING H Residents
(parking at the Merced College lot)
11/15/16 1/14/17 - 5/12/17 $160.00


Commuter Students

Permits can be purchased via ePay beginning Tuesday, November 15th.  Freshmen are not eligible to purchase a permit to park on-campus.  Student Commuter Carpool permits will be available for pick up at the TAPS office beginning Tuesday, November 15th. 
Available for parking in Lake 1 and 2, and Evolution Valley Lots. 

Validity Dates


SPRING C Commuter 11/15/16 1/14/17 - 5/12/17 $160.00  


Commuter Carpool*
(2+ students driving 3 days/week)
11/15/16 1/14/17 - 5/12/17 $160.00
M Commuter Motorcycle 8/15/16 8/15/16 - 5/12/17

$243.00 (Academic Year)

DP Disability** 8/15/16 8/15/16 - 1/13/17 $160.00

*All carpooling students must be present and have class and/or work schedules when picking up their "SPRING CP" permit from TAPS
**Valid DMV registration and Placard must be presented to TAPS when applying for the DP permit.

Short-term medical parking permits are available for the short-term need of accessible parking for medical reasons. A doctor’s note containing a specific start and end date is required to obtain this permit. The “MP” permit must be displayed in conjunction with a valid UC Merced Student parking permit. This permit is valid in any non-specially marked space in any lot. This permit is not authorized in ADA spaces.


Please note:  Refunds will not be offered for spring semester permits.