Recharge Rates

FY18-19 Recharge Rates - Effective 7/1/18

Departmentally Assigned Fleet Vehicles Departmentally Assigned Fleet Vehicles
Contract Rate Non-Contract & Grants Rate
Vehicle Admin Fee - $232.59/Month Vehicle Admin Fee - $242.59/Month
Cart Admin Fee - $53.07/Month Cart Admin Fee - $58.07/Month
Equip. Admin Fee - $22.62/Month Equip. Admin Fee - $27.62/Month
Vehicle Inspection Fee - $15.26/Month Vehicle Inspection Fee - $15.26/Month
Cart Rental Rates  
Contract Grant Rate  
6 passenger - $60.94/Day  
2 passender - $48.78/Day  
Vehicle Rental Rates  
Contract Rate  

Full Size Sedan

$55.75/Day  $167.25/Week



Full/Heavy Truck

$66.62/Day  $199.85/Week



Electric Sedan

$39.30/Day  $117.89/Week



Alternative Fuel Vehicle

$27.26/Day  $81.79/Week



10 Passenger Van

$63.92/Day  $191.77/Week



Sports Utility Vehicle

$58.68/Day  $176.05


 The weekly rate will apply to rentals spanning 4 to 7 consecutive days.


*The use of Contract & Grant funds requires the submittal of the Special Projects Fund Approval form.