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Citations & Adjudication

Adjudication (Parking Citations)

You must either pay or appeal the citation within 21 calendar days from the citation issue date.

Every citation must go through an official review process, regardless if it's your first citation.


Initial Review (Level 1) / Appeal a Citation

Refer to the Appeal Process.

Yes, you can submit a review request for every citation received within 21 calendar days from the citation issue date.

No, you may only contest one citation per appeal submission.

No. The processing of the citation is suspended until a decision has been made. If your request for cancellation is denied, our response will advise you of a new payment due date.

It can take up to 90 business days. On average the response time is 30 business days.

No. The California Vehicle Code stipulates a parking citation is no longer eligible for review after the 21-day deadline.

You may request an Administrative Hearing within 21 calendar days from the date on the Notification Decision Letter emailed to you. 


Administrative Hearing (Level 2)

Per the California Vehicle Code, request and payment of the citation must be received by the due date found on the Notification of Decision letter. Payment and request will be processed and a hearing date will be scheduled.

No. California Vehicle Code stipulates the citation is no longer eligible for an Administrative Hearing after the deadline has passed.

At the Administrative Hearing you will have the opportunity to meet with a third-party certified hearing examiner and explain your reasons for contesting.

The amount you paid will be refunded.

You can request an Administrative Hearing by Written Declaration. You will be able to submit your reasons for contesting, as well as additional information such as photos, additional evidence, etc.

Appointments can be rescheduled up to one week prior to the hearing date. If you do not appear for your appointment, the case will be declared a "Fail to Appear" and all processing will conclude.

No. The person who received the citation must be the person who appears at the hearing.

The results will be mailed to you via the U.S. Postal Service in the week following your hearing.