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Appeals Process

The UC Merced parking citation appeals process conforms to the process directed by the California Assembly Bill 408 and California Vehicle Code 40215. Appeals must be submitted within 21 calendar days from the date the citation was issued. If the citation is not appealed within 21 calendar days, the opportunity to contest the citation is forfeited.

1. Lack of knowledge of parking rules and regulations.
2. Financial hardship.
3. Failure to see/read signage.
4. Failure to locate parking spaces.
5. Parking or stopping for a short period of time. 

Level 1 Appeal

Citations may be appealed online at

Please allow 90 days for the Adjudication Department to process your appeal.

Results will be emailed to the address provided on the appeal. If no email is provided results will be sent via U.S. Mail. The Adjudication Department is not responsible for U.S. Mail deemed undeliverable due to incorrect or incomplete addresses.

If the citation has been upheld, the citation penalty amount is due within 21 calendar days from the date listed on the Notification of Decision letter. If you are not satisfied with the review results you may request an administrative hearing (Level 2). This request must be made within 21 calendar days from the date on the Notification of Decision letter. The penalty amount shall be deposited with Transportation and Parking Services within this time frame or a hearing will not be scheduled. For further information, please see below. If the citation is reduced to a warning or voided no further action is required.

Level 2 Appeal (Adminisitrative Hearing)

All administrative hearings are conducted and reviewed by a qualified hearing examiner. All qualified hearing examiners are independent mediators and are not employees of UC Merced.

If you wish to contest the citation review results, you may request an administrative hearing within 21 calendar days from the date on the Notification of Decision letter.

Administrative hearing requests may be made in person or in writing. You may choose a personal conference or a written declaration. If you choose a written declaration, you will not be permitted to attend the hearing.

The following requirements must be met before a request is officially recognized. As the requestor, you must fulfill the following within 21 calendar days from the date on the Notification of Decision letter:

  • Complete and email the appropriate administrative hearing forms to
  • Deposit the amount of the parking penalty with Transportation and Parking Services

If you are unable to pay, determination of inability to pay is governed by California Vehicle Code Section 40215 (b) and may allow a waiver of the deposit of the amount due provided the issuing agency is in possession of sufficient proof and has granted a variance.  You may fill out the "Request to Waive Administrative Hearing Penalty Deposit" form.

Level 3 Appeal (Superior Court)

The final level of adjudication is resolved at the Merced Superior Courthouse. Within 30 calendar days from the mailing date of the disposition of the administrative hearing (Level 2), you may seek the third and final review by filing Form CR-142 and submitting directly to Merced Superior Courthouse. The decision of the court is final.

Information on Appeal Procedures

Notice of Appeal-CR-142

NOTICE: You must receive the results of your Administrative Hearing prior to requesting a Superior Court Review.

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