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Q: Is paid parking required?

A: Yes, paid parking is required to park on campus. Email TAPS or call (209) 228-8277 for information or questions on how to purchase parking.


Q: I'm a student. How do I purchase my parking?

A: Students should visit the TAPS student webpage for parking information.


Q: Is there a daily permit purchase option if I telecommute?

A: Yes. Please visit our Faculty and Staff Parking Permits page for details.


Q: Due to my office location changing, am I able to modify or upgrade my parking by location?

A: Yes. TAPS will assist you in determining the best parking solution.


Q: Will faculty/staff parking be available near the new Administration Building?

A: Yes. The existing Bellevue Lot will have Gold permissions. 


Q: Am I able to park in the University Lot located near the Conference and Events Center?

A: The University Lot is restricted for specially marked reserved spaces and will not be available for general parking.


Q: Is TAPS enforcing parking on campus?

A: Parking rules and regulations on campus are always enforced (24 hours a day, 365 days per year). For individual parking lot enforcement details, please see the PARKING ACCESS section of our Parking Information page.


Q: Am I able to visit the TAPS office if I need assistance? 

A: Yes, please click here for office hours.


Q: I have a Disabled placard. Do I still need a permit to park on campus?

A: Yes. Please visit our Accessible Parking page for details.


Q: I’m a student. Can I use the Flowbird app to purchase a parking permit?

A: No. Students are not authorized to use Flowbird. Use of Flowbird and parking in any lot other than the Bellevue Green zone will result being cited. Please visit our Undergraduate Student Parking permits page for details.


Q: When should I purchase my parking permit?

A: You should purchase parking prior to parking on campus.


Q: Can I garage my vehicle on campus for overnight parking?

A: Parking permits are granted for the purpose of transportation to and from campus. Garaging (storing) your vehicle on campus is prohibited unless you are a student, staff or faculty living in campus housing with the appropriate permit.