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Vehicle Purchasing

New Fleet Vehicle Requests:

Once a department determines it has the budget for a new vehicle, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Think about what the vehicle will be used for, who will use it, how many miles per year will be driven, needed size (sedan, SUV, truck, van), type of fuel, two- or four-wheel drive, whether you wish to purchase, lease or finance the vehicle, and any other options and specifications.
  2. Fill out a Fleet Service Vehicle Purchase Request Form, scan it, and send it electronically to or fax it to (209) 228-4731.
  3. Contact Fleet Services at (209) 228-2277 to set up a meeting to discuss the specifics of the department’s needs.
  4. Fleet Services can set up on-campus demos as needed for the customer for a clearer picture of the vehicle that may be needed.
  5. Once everyone is clear about what type/spec of vehicle is needed, a Purchase Requisition will be issued to the Purchasing Department by Fleet Services.
  6. UC Merced purchasing will match the vehicle specs with a vehicle purchase taking into account a number of specified criterion.
  7. Prior to the final order, Fleet Services will confirm the vehicle and vehicle order with the customer, along with an Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) after speaking with the Purchasing Department.
  8. Purchase Order paperwork will be processed by Fleet Services per purchasing guidelines.
  9. Once the ETA has been established, vehicle decals will be ordered along with the other vehicle items, such as the reference manual, voyager card, key tag, safety kit, etc.
  10. Decals will be installed once the vehicle has been received by Fleet Services. 
  11. An inventory tag will be affixed to the vehicle. 
  12. Once decaled, labeled, inventoried, etc., the vehicle will be delivered to the customer at the TAPS office with all of the applicable vehicle materials.


Cart Purchases and Rental Requests:

Prior to the purchase or rental of a cart, the department requestor will be required to pay for an electrical charging station, as well as any additional electrical charges or upgrades. You must also coordinate through Facilities Management a location deemed appropriate for overnight parking. Due to congestion challenges, carts will likely be required to park in a remote location rather than directly at your point of use.

The deadline for fiscal year end fleet purchase requests is April 1st