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EasyPark Personal Parking Meter

****UPDATE - PPM parking spaces will be removed Jan. 8, 2024 however if you have a working PPM you may park in any non-specially marked space.****

Dear EasyPark Customer, 
Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) was recently notified by our vendor that they will no longer be supporting EasyPark. TAPS will no longer have the capability of reloading EasyPark paid parking meter (PPM) units. We will continue to honor existing meters on campus for those who have time remaining.
For deposit refunds, please return your meter to our office
Daily Parking Permits through Flowbird mobile app. *
Gold: $6.00 (Library Lots, Le Grand Lot and Bellevue Lot)
Slate: $4.00 (North Bowl 1 & 2 and Bellevue Lot)
Blue/Green: $3.00 (P3, Scholars Lot, ECEC and Bellevue Lot)
* Hourly Parking Permits through "Pay by Text" only valid in Bellevue Lot – Green Zone. Simply text "PARKBELL" to 727563 when you arrive to campus. 
2 Hours: $2.00
4 Hours: $4.00
6 Hours: $6.00

The EasyPark is your Personal Parking Meter. You may load anywhere from $25 to $300 in funds onto the device, and it is good in any non-specially marked space or meter space in the Library and LeGrand Lots. Park for as long as you want (within posted time limits) and pay only for the time you use to the second.

What is an EasyPark Personal Parking Meter (PPM)?

The PPM is a small electronic device that you may display in your vehicle on an as needed basis to pay for parking. The PPM is displayed inside the vehicle from the driver's side window and once turned on it automatically deducts the parking fee from a pre-paid bank programmed inside the device. This allows you to pay only for the time you are parked, like a parking meter.

How much does the PPM cost?

The PPM requires an initial deposit of $38, which is fully refundable upon return of the undamaged unit. Funds can be added in increments of $25, up to a maximum of $300. When you park using the PPM, it will deduct funds from the device at the regular parking meter rate of $1.00 per hour, up to a cumulative maximum of $8 per day (the cost of a one-day visitor permit). The amount deducted is prorated down to the minute, so that you only pay for what you actually use.

Where can I park with the PPM?

The PPM is only valid in Library 1 and Le Grand Lot at this time.

Who can purchase a PPM?

At this time the PPM is only available to Faculty and Staff purchased by departmental recharge. To use a recharge account, please use the eDoc System

Can departments purchase a PPM?

Yes.  Please use the eDoc System to place your order using a recharge account.

What is the process for purchasing additional hours for a PPM?

Departments can purchase additional hours by bringing the PPM to the TAPS office.  An eDoc request would need to be submitted and approved prior to reloading the device, please include the serial number of the unit being reloaded on your request.

Is the PPM difficult to use?

The PPM is very simple to use. Locate a valid parking space, park the vehicle, activate the PPM and display it from the driver's side window (on the inside). Upon return to the vehicle, simply switch the PPM off and the payment stops. Put the PPM in your glove box or another secure place until the next time you need to use it.

What if my PPM won't power on? 

The PPM's do require one battery, the low battery icon will display.  It is the customer's responsibility to replace it. The battery type is CR2032 3V. Once the battery has been replaced the device will need to be resynchronized at the TAPS office.

What if I lose the PPM- can anyone else use it?

The unit, and the minutes programmed on it should be treated as cash. If the PPM is lost, a refund will not be processed for the lost time or the deposit. Anyone found using your lost PPM will be cited accordingly and TAPS will make every attempt to confiscate the PPM and return it to you.

If I forget to turn the PPM off, can the minutes be reloaded?

If you forget to turn off the PPM, the minutes will continue to count down until the daily maximum ($8) is reached, so it is very important to turn the PPM off after each use. Please note that a refund will not be processed for time lost.

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