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Event Services Rates

Rates for event services will be found below.


Directional Signage
Two Weeks Notice Required
Per sign
Color Weatherproof $20.00
Ambassadors & Drivers
Two Weeks Notice Required
Per hour
Student Regular Time $18.95
Staff Regular Time $44.62
Staff Overtime $62.85
Parking Permits Per space
Reserved Space
(4 p.m previous business day)
Electronic Permit*
(48-hour notice required)
Vehicle and Cart Rentals
First-come, first-served
Per day
Vehicle Reservation Requests Pricing
Golf Cart Request
(One 6-seater is available)
(One-week notice required)


Please submit your request through eDoc. Please call the TAPS Help Desk at (209) 228-8277 or toll free at (866) 755-8277 for information or inquiries about these Event Services.

Any comments or questions, email