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Event Services Rates

Rates for event services will be found below.


Directional Signage
Two Weeks Notice Required
Per sign
Color Weatherproof $20.00
Ambassadors & Drivers
Two Weeks Notice Required
Per hour
Student Regular Time $18.95
Staff Regular Time $44.62
Staff Overtime $62.85
Parking Permits Per space
Reserved Space
(4 p.m previous business day)
Electronic Permit*
(48-hour notice required)
Vehicle and Cart Rentals
First-come, first-served
Per day
Vehicle Reservation Requests Pricing
Golf Cart Request
(2) 6-seat and (2) 4-seat carts are available    CLICK HERE TO VIEW
(One-week notice required)


PLEASE NOTE: For signs, parking reservations and Student Ambassador support, submit your request through eDoc. Cart and vehicle reservations are processed through our Faster Fleet System.
Contact the TAPS Help Desk at (209) 228-8277 or toll free at (866) 755-8277 for information or inquiries about these Event Services.

Any comments or questions, email