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Carpool Program

A registered UC Merced Carpool consists of two or more people sharing one car for the majority of their commutes to campus. A carpool application for the entire carpool must be completed. Each carpool will be assigned one carpool permit and have access to occasional one-time use only permits for those individuals that have an additional vehicle registered with the carpool. The one-time use permits should be clearly displayed on the driver's dash and marked with pen. Carpool participants are restricted from purchasing general use monthly/semester permits.

Carpool Requirements:

  • All members must be current UC Merced faculty, staff undergraduate or graduate students.
  • Carpool members must ride together at least three days per week (Monday - Friday).
  • All carpool members must be present at the time the permit is assigned.
  • For faculty and staff, the primary driver must complete a Payroll Deduction Application Form and is responsible for maintaining current vehicle information. 
  • The primary driver will be issued the parking permit. Each additional rider that has a vehicle registered with the carpool will have access to one-time use only permits. These permits are non-transferable and are for use on days when carpooling to campus is not feasible.
  • The one-time use clean air cards issued to carpoolers are only valid for use with a current active carpool permit. 

Lost your permit?

Reported stolen permits will be replaced at no charge when accompanied by a UC Merced Department of Public Safety theft report. Reported lost permits will be replaced at the cost of $10 for administrative fees. Only one carpool permit will be replaced per carpool group.

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