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Division of Finance and Administration

Visitor and Vendor Parking Permits

Solar Parking Meters

Two parking meters are available for non-affiliated campus visitors in the Library Lot. Meters accept coins or credit cards and parking is limited to two hours. Please note faculty, staff, and students are not authorized in these spaces. Metered spaces are enforced 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

Time Price
15 minute increments $0.25
1 hour (minimum credit card purchase) $1.00
2 hours - Max allowed $2.00


Hourly Parking Permits - Pay By License Plate

Hourly permits are available for temporary parking in any non-specially marked space in Green Zone in Bellevue Lot. These are virtual permits that can be purchased at pay stations located within the lot. The pay stations accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover cards only. All transactions are final and no refunds will be issued. Customers with cash/check may purchase hourly permits at the TAPS office. Please make checks payable to UC Regents. 

Permit Price
2 hours $2.00
4 hours $4.00
6 hours $6.00
All Day - expires 11:59 pm $8.00


Short-Term Visitor Parking Permits

Permits must be purchased at the TAPS office. For more information, please call the TAPS Help Desk at (209) 228-8277 or toll free at (866) 755-8277.

Type Price
Vendor* -  Monthly Rate
Green Zone in Bellevue Lot Only
Vendor* - Monthly Rate
Campus-Wide - Valid in Bellevue, Library 1 & 2, Le Grand and North Bowl 1 & 2 Lots
Vendor — Weekly Rate $17.00
Vendor — Daily Rate $8.00
Scratcher — Day Permit
Valid in Green Zone in Bellevue Lot only.

*Vendor permits are valid in service vehicles and non-specially marked spaces.


UC Merced Permit Reciprocity

UC Merced honors all quarterly and annual faculty/staff parking permits from other University of California campuses. You may park in any of the non-specially marked "general" spaces in any lot. Such permits are not valid for parking in Reserved, Carpool, University Business or disabled parking spaces.

The University of California campuses offer reciprocity to faculty and staff for parking permits. Each campus has a unique set of circumstances relating to various parking issues (construction, space availability, rates, access by gate, kiosks, specific designated lots). Because of these differences, the permit holder should contact the campus parking office to arrange reciprocal parking. By contacting the campus, faculty and staff will know what to expect before they get there.

Exempt Plate Vehicles

University and official local, state or federal government licensed vehicles may park in all non-specially marked parking spaces. Such vehicles may not park in Reserved spaces, specially marked spaces, or metered spaces. Exempt plate vehicles may park in Service Vehicle spaces when providing a needed or requested service. Services include but are not limited to: mail delivery, building maintenance, and heavy or awkward item delivery.


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