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Division of Finance and Administration

Faculty & Staff Parking

Faculty & Staff Parking - Spring, Summer and Fall 2021

Q: Is paid parking required?

A: Yes, paid parking is required to park on campus. Email TAPS or call (209) 228-8277 for information or questions on how to purchase parking.


Q: When will TAPS resume parking payroll deductions?

A: Faculty and staff parking deductions were cancelled in March due to COVID-19.
Faculty and staff must opt in and contact TAPS to resume paying for parking through payroll deduction.


Q: Can I roll over my existing parking permissions without reinstating my payroll deduction?

A: Yes. You have the option to retain your existing Gold, Slate, Blue zone parking regardless of when you will be returning to campus. If you are telecommuting, you have the option to purchase daily parking.


Q: If I decide not to rollover my existing permit, will I be placed on a waiting list?

A: No. You will be able to retain your permit for the spring, summer or fall 2021 semester.


Q: Is there a daily permit purchase option if I telecommute?

A: Yes. TAPS offers a new daily paid parking solution through the FLOWBIRD mobile app. Faculty and staff telecommuting and traveling to campus 12 days or less as their primary work schedule are able to purchase daily paid parking. The daily rates are prorated based on the three tiers below. Additional information will be made available soon.

Gold: $6.00 (Library Lot 2, Le Grand Lot)
Slate: $4.00 (North Bowl 1 & 2)
Blue/Green: $3.00 (P3, Scholars Lot and ECEC)


Q: Due to my office location changing, am I able to modify or upgrade my parking by location?

A: Yes. TAPS will assist you in determining the best parking solution.


Q: Will faculty/staff parking be available near the new Administration Building?

A: Yes. The existing Bellevue Lot will have zones marked for Gold and Slate permissions. This work will be completed within the next month as part of the completion of P2020.


Q: Am I able to park in the University Lot located near the Conference and Events Center?

A: The University Lot is restricted for specially marked reserved spaces and will not be available for general parking.


Q: Is TAPS enforcing parking on campus?

A: Yes.


Q: Am I able to visit the TAPS office if I need assistance? 

A: Yes, by appointment only. Email TAPS or call (209) 228-8277 to schedule your appointment during one of the following: 

  • Monday 8am - 4pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday: 1PM - 4PM.
    We are closed 12PM - 1PM on these days.