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Faculty & Staff Parking

Faculty & Staff Parking 

Q: Is paid parking required?

A: Yes, paid parking is required to park on campus. Email TAPS or call (209) 228-8277 for information or questions on how to purchase parking.


Q: Is there a daily permit purchase option if I telecommute?

A: Yes. Please visit our Faculty and Staff Parking Permits page for details.


Q: Due to my office location changing, am I able to modify or upgrade my parking by location?

A: Yes. TAPS will assist you in determining the best parking solution.


Q: Will faculty/staff parking be available near the new Administration Building?

A: Yes. The existing Bellevue Lot will have zones marked for Gold and Slate permissions. 


Q: Am I able to park in the University Lot located near the Conference and Events Center?

A: The University Lot is restricted for specially marked reserved spaces and will not be available for general parking.


Q: Is TAPS enforcing parking on campus?

A: Parking rules and regulations on campus are always enforced (24 hours a day, 365 days per year). For individual parking lot enforcement details, please see the PARKING ACCESS section of our Parking Information page.


Q: Am I able to visit the TAPS office if I need assistance? 

A: Yes, please click here for office hours.